[Blabber] Free stuff

Joe Sadusk joe at sadusk.com
Sun Apr 22 11:29:20 EDT 2012

So, I'm goig through my accumulated crap before moving to see what I'm
going to leave behind and I thought I'd give you guys first pick on some
of it.  In particular there are many many accumulated cables and wall
worts that I either no longer have the electronics they go with or I
have many duplicates of (dozens of IDE, SATA, floppy, and PC power
cables).  I also have a perfectly good spare ATX power supply, an old
dell P3 800 laptop, and a microwave oven that doesn't quite heat things
up anymore (are there usable parts in that?  I don't know).  And for
Guan and Justin I have a box of old bike parts.

So, any takers?  And if there aren't, does anyone know what I can do
with the significant amount of copper that's collected in all these


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