[Blabber] Heat-sealing nylon webbing

Peter Shenkin shenkin at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 15:13:55 EDT 2012

Is there anyone out there (Crystal?) who knows how to do this? Is it doable
with stuff we have or could easily put together?

My project: replacing the crummy plastic side-locking buckle on my dog
harness (that is, my dog's dog harness :-) ) with an aluminum one that I
have just ordered. The webbing is currently heat-sealed together, but
there's a huge amount of extra webbing taken up with the adjustment
fitting, so I can cut off the old buckle and still have enough slack to add
the new one. But I'd like to heat-seal the new one back on.

If that's not possible, sewing would be an option. Unless we have a
heavy-duty enough sewing machine, I could have this done by a shoemaker.
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