[Blabber] George Dyson on the Origins of Computing

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... because those things are vulnerable in the same ways as artificial
intelligence?  Really?  If we're talking metaphors, I imagine AI as more
similar to the spread of a technology or culture, which are vulnerable to
fads and collective whimsy, but not so much to deliberate attempts to stamp
them out.

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>  "
> Why wouldn't AI reveal itself to us?"
> Because if AI has been paying any attention, it's going to read about the
> dodo, the passenger pigeon, and Madison Square Garden Station and realize
> we'll do the same to it given the chance.
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> The article linked below included this statement by George Dyson:  "I
> believe that if there *were* a true artificial intelligence, it would be
> smart enough not to reveal itself to us."
> That strikes me as an impossible-to-prove assertion, rather like the
> existence of invisible pink unicorns or that we all live in a simulacrum,
> but is it?  How would you go about proving, or disproving, the existence of
> hiding AI? Why wouldn't AI reveal itself to us?
> http://thebrowser.com/interviews/george-dyson-on-origins-computing
> The books he reviews themselves are interesting, and some are definitely
> going on my to-read list!
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