[Blabber] Plants, Bees, and other adventures on the roof

citybadger citybadger at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 10:40:48 EDT 2012

The Parsons dyeing class is working on the roof on Wednesday evenings. I'm
in email contact with the professor, Victoria Marshall. They have a few
more plants now and some pallets and the start of experiments in space
usage there. They've removed the twisted old antenna and are planning to
use that wall as a hanging garden. Next Wednesday at around 5:15 I'm going
to meet them there to talk about beehive placement. Anyone else interested
is welcome.

Our bees arrive on the Saturday 14th. Probably going to install them in the
early afternoon. I'll send out a confirmation later for anyone who wants to
take photos or video and/or get stung. I'm spending the next week in a
state of low level panic preparing for them. I apologize in advance for the
noise, dust, and polyurethane fumes in the next week. I hope the sweet
smell of beer now in the space makes up for it a bit.

I have a poultry waterer up there for the bees now.

I have some totes for Earthtainers on the roof and some of the other
components for them. I planning on making four units. I've ordered plants
for them that are scheduled to arrive May 10th. Anyone interested in that
project is welcome to participate.

What I need is an intern, but my wife will have to do. This weekend she'll
be around and probably starting some seeds in a tray in the back room. Some
of these plants are destined for the Earthtainers and some for the
WindowFarm hydroponic experiment. I may put in a shelf up above table level
to get them out of the way.
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