[Blabber] How to become an official Hack Manhattan member.

Daniel Packer dp at danielpacker.org
Fri Sep 23 12:47:27 EDT 2011


Thanks but there's nothing to work out. We've settled on a dues
structure and it has popular support.

On the other hand, there is an ongoing debate about our long term
structure and operations which I would prefer to keep off this thread.
In short, yes, donations are always wonderful from the community, but
what constitutes the equivalent of a monthly dues is something that
has to be voted on. "Here's a big thing I'm donating, so I'm a member"
isn't going to work. For example, I am going to make a motion to be
voted on to make you an honorary official member, but this has to be
voted on by dues paying members since it's outside the standard dues


On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 12:44 PM, Kenneth Gutierrez <kennypg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Wait, wouldn't large equipment donations qualify for membership dues? Also,
> couldn't memberships be 'frozen' and then reactivated upon request? I don't
> see any problem in someone who wants to make substantial contributions of
> effort or equipment having access.
> Sorry, I didn't follow the entire discussion and may have missed something.
> It also might not be my place to interfere. But I like to think myself as a
> good mediator, and if there's good will on both sides, I'm sure something
> can be worked out.
> Just my 2 cents, from an as-yet-unconfirmed 'honorary member.'ing
>> > a
>> > tool or machine component to the group meaning I and everyone else get
>> > the
>> > use of something that's presently in inactive storage and usable by no
>> > one,
>> > it means that I loose the future use of something I had been storing out
>> > of

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