[Blabber] [spam] Tiny Talker pilot kits - at cost

Chris Stratton cs07024 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 17:36:58 EDT 2011

I'm going to place an order Friday for pilot quantities of the next
revision of the attiny85-based "talking toilet paper" board to make up
kits.  This is a 1 square inch board with easier surface mount
components that can store 3 minutes of audio and play it in response
to a tilt sensor or other conditions (there's one pin on the processor
free, or two if you resort to high voltage programming).  Eventually
this will have it's own associated low-cost ISP programmer kit, but
for right now it is programmed by temporarily plugging it into an
arduino or compatible.

If anyone in the group would like to reserve one now, you can have it
at my parts cost which is the in the neighborhood of $10-13.  If and
when they go on sale to the public there will still be a discount for
hack manhattan people, but it will probably be more like $20 (vs $25
as likely regular price).  Delivery will hopefully be at the November
21st meeting, but could slip a week if there are delays on the boards;
I'm not looking for prepayment, just to factor anyone who wants one
into my quantities.

I am also going to be ordering a test quantity of a version of the
board with all through-hole resistors, which I would probably offer
with the two surface mount ICs already installed.  These would be a
little more expensive retail given the pre-installation but I can do
them at cost for tomorrow's order.  (Unfortunately there's no room for
reference designators - they will have to go on a separate parts plot
/ pictorial instructions.


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