[Blabber] All welcome at general meeting Tuesday Nov 1st @ 7:30PM

Guan Yang guan at yang.dk
Wed Nov 2 13:06:46 EDT 2011

Yes, a signed lease. Or some other common type of proof of address, but I
doubt we'll get a utility bill or something before the lease.

The account resolution needs to be signed at the bank, so you, I and
Rendall would need to show up during their opening hours to do it. I
propose a short pro forma board meeting appointing you President and me
Treasurer until the first election so we can formally sign the documents.

I think we can require two signatures on checks, but the real problem will
be the debit card (and it would be silly not to have one for purchases).
Can't we just have an internal two man rule and trust the authorized
persons not to break the rule?

(Especially since the corporation must itself pay for purchases that we
want sales tax exemption on, we can't do a reimbursement for those.)

On Wednesday, November 2, 2011, Daniel Packer <dp at danielpacker.org> wrote:
> Hi Guan,
> What do we need to move forward with the bank account again? Are we
> just waiting for the signed lease? I'm sending that over this
> afternoon.
> Jonathan suggested we use a "two man rule" for withdrawals, but it
> occurred to me that if we're going to issue checks, that would
> basically make it a moot point, and I believewe want to be able to use
> checks.
> Thanks for posting the bylaws additions. I'm going to go over it one
> more time, and I suggest everyone else do the same, and offer a round
> of suggestions. We may need to slip the elections forward a week or
> two since bylaws are taking a bit longer than we'd hoped.
> Meeting was great. We had a new member join, a new visitor, and a
> bunch of kits built! Will send meeting summary.
> Once we finish up the bylaws (this week I hope), we can turn our
> paperwork-attention towards the 501c3 form!
> DP
> On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 7:11 PM, Guan Yang <guan at yang.dk> wrote:
>> Unfortunately I won't be able to make the meeting tonight, sorry for the
late notice!
>> I did some work on the bylaws that Daniel started in the wiki. What's
there now is complete, but largely reflects my biases, and I don't know if
it would make sense to use them as a starting point tonight when I'm not
there to explain.
>> If you discuss bylaws tonight, and decide on something else, I'd be
happy to write up whatever is decided.
>> But in case of interest, here are the unusual/surprising features:
>> - Quorum: a majority of the members required for quorum, but if there's
no quorum, the questions discussed can be pushed to the next meeting, at
which there's automatically a quorum for those questions. Ensures that
there won't be major problems if people simply don't show up.
>> - Board consisting of a president and 3 other directors. President
directly elected by London-style instant runoff (alternative vote).
>> - Direct election of other officers optional, otherwise appointed by
board. If other officers are not directly elected, they're normal board
seats subject to election by instant runoff vote. If officers are directly
elected, it's possible to run for, but not be elected for, multiple offices.
>> - Officers and directors can be recalled, but the threshold is quite
>> - Higher vote thresholds for adopting changes to bylaws or Certificate
of Incorporation.
>> /Guan
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