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Check out faceOSC. Created by kyle mcdonald.



On Aug 26, 2011 10:41 AM, "Rendall" <rendall at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi kids.
> I'm developing a project that involves a user looking into a camera and
> triggering a mechanical event with a particular expression. The code is
> pretty much: monitor a camera -> detect a face -> if
> frowning/smiling/surprised, send signal to hardware.
> The project is in proof-of-concept phase right now, but it's likely to go
> into production. We're working with a hardware team, but I'm responsible
> for the software aspect. I have my own ideas, but I'd love some
> crowd-sourced thoughts on it from you as a reality check.
> 1) Can expression detection be done using OpenCV?
> 2) How many programmer-hours would it take to develop that using available
> packages, open-source or not?
> 3) What packages would you use?
> 4) Are you an individual or part of a team or company who could take this
> on? If so, hit me back (off-list if you'd rather).
> 5) The producer is *super* paranoid about getting sued for patent
> infringement. I'll reserve my own thoughts on this, but if you have an
> strong opinion one way or another, what would you say to someone who was
> worried about it?
> Groovy! Thanks!
> - Rendall
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