[Blabber] Blabber Digest, Vol 1, Issue 1

Mitch Deoudes mitch at houseofpain.org
Thu Aug 25 15:10:40 EDT 2011

I'll second the lock-picking class.

And speaking of classes, a class or even ongoing workshop on circuit 
analysis / design for intermediate level folks would be awesome.  I 
recently went through the exercise of scouring the NYC continuing ed 
scene for something like this, and came up pretty empty.  (Eventually 
Joel Murphy stepped in and set one up from scratch, which was great - 
but at just 5 sessions, it's left me wanting more.)

The idea would be to transfer some of the practical knowledge that 
people who actually do this stuff every day have ("how to analyze an 
op-amp circuit", "amplifier design", "what's this circuit doing?") to 
those of us who understand the principles, but are weak on working 
knowledge.  (Personally, I have a CS/EE degree, but that was 20 years 
ago & I only took about four hardware classes anyway.)

It could be an ongoing thing, where a moderator would pick 2 or 3 
circuits each week for group discussion & analysis.


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