[Blabber] Manhattan hackerspace is happening!

Daniel Packer dp at danielpacker.org
Thu Aug 25 02:33:57 EDT 2011

Hello! Please say hello back!

BREAKING: We have a potential starter space! It's tiny, but
convenient, and over a bar. Excellent! (This is still up in the air,
so I apologize if this ends up falling through. Obviously once a
voting body is established, we can make a decision on the space as a
group. I'm just putting in some elbow grease to get things started.)
We'll want to set up all the paperwork eventually, but first let's get
some dedicated, talented, committed founders to kick things off. Let's
get together soon and check out the space, have a drink at the bar
downstairs, and brainstorm.

I've already heard from about 25 interested parties and I haven't even
advertised. We seem to have an decent supply of excited hackers.
That's a good sign, as members support the hackerspace with monthly

This hackerspace will be democratic and friendly to the public,
loosely based (ideally) on the models I've seen work so well at HacDC
in DC and Noisebridge in SF. Both hackerspaces manage to do awesome
projects in a wide variety of areas and maintain a really positive
atmosphere without being overly exclusive. Think "do-ocracy". The goal
is to set up a 501c3 non-profit, and then let minds roam free. That's
my deal, but a hackerspace is defined by all it's members, so please
join in and contribute.

For inspiration:

I'm going to send out a doodle poll soonish to find out the best time
to hold our first meetups in October. So far, a generous person who
will go unnamed has offered a tiny but convenient space as a starter
location so that we can have an HQ. I haven't suggested a name yet for
the hackerspace, but since the space we've got available is over a
bar, that could play into the name. ;)

If you've got an idea for an event, a class/workshop, a group to
sponsor, a type of project/focus area to work on, or want to share an
opinion, go ahead and post to the list. Introduce yourself, say hello.

My first hackerspace experience was in the mid-90's when 2600 magazine
had a hacker loft in murray hill. Unfortunately NYC hackerspaces
didn't take off again after the 90's (to my knowledge...) until NYC
Resistor and Alpha One Labs in Brooklyn and I had just left NYC so I
was sad. I got to hang out at Noisebridge in SF and then at HacDC, and
ultimately was elected president of the board of HacDC and lead an
expansion to double our office space. Now that I'm back in NYC I see a
need for a space in the center of NYC like the ones I've seen thrive
elsewhere. I wanted to capture the do-ocractic spirit, if you will,
and bring it back to my hometown.


PS. Please put me in touch with folks who you think want to know about
the manhattan hackerspace project, thanks!

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