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Daniel Packer dp at danielpacker.org
Thu Aug 25 02:05:25 EDT 2011

Hi, this is a test message!


On Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 2:04 AM,
<blabber-request at hackmanhattan.danielpacker.org> wrote:
> Welcome to the Blabber at hackmanhattan.danielpacker.org mailing list!
> Glad you could join us. We're launching a new manhattan based
> hackerspace. This list is to organize/discuss the project. Stay tuned
> for meetings and announcements. Feel free to introduce yourself.
> To post to this list, send your email to:
>  blabber at hackmanhattan.danielpacker.org
> General information about the mailing list is at:
>  http://hackmanhattan.danielpacker.org/listinfo/blabber
> If you ever want to unsubscribe or change your options (eg, switch to
> or from digest mode, change your password, etc.), visit your
> subscription page at:
>  http://hackmanhattan.danielpacker.org/options/blabber/dp%40danielpacker.org
> You can also make such adjustments via email by sending a message to:
>  Blabber-request at hackmanhattan.danielpacker.org
> with the word `help' in the subject or body (don't include the
> quotes), and you will get back a message with instructions.
> You must know your password to change your options (including changing
> the password, itself) or to unsubscribe.  It is:
>  hionzuzi
> Normally, Mailman will remind you of your
> hackmanhattan.danielpacker.org mailing list passwords once every
> month, although you can disable this if you prefer.  This reminder
> will also include instructions on how to unsubscribe or change your
> account options.  There is also a button on your options page that
> will email your current password to you.

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